Why is there a dress code?

A dress code is used to maintain a good work ethic and focused attitude in our dance classes. Students come into class prepared to be attentive and learn, not to fuss with their hair or cover-ups. Staff is better able to make corrections when the body can be seen, and possibly prevent injuries from incorrect alignment when baggy clothes are not worn. Please keep in mind music and drama classes are conducted in street clothes and do not have a dress code.

Are there discounts avaliable?

Absolutely. Please talk to our office staff to discuss your options. Class cards are available for 5-7 classes, 8-9 classes, and 10+ classes. Students who take 3 classes save $5.00 per month. A sibling discount is also available. Parents who take adult classes will be discounted as a sibling.

Why are some classes not avaliable at my home studio?

It depends on the situation, but is usually due to staff availability. There are many other possible reasons for classes not being available. The class may be full already, and you can be put on a wait-list in case someone drops the class or a new class is created. In other cases, the class is not offered for the age. Therefore, some classes will not be avaliable to your child. We work very hard to accomodate the needs of our students and their families when making our class schedules.

Is recital the only performance opportunity?

Not always. Some students choose to audition for our competition team or for our performance team Positively Dance. These dancers have numerous opportunities to perform, but require more commitment. Liturgical dancers perform at local churches on Sundays, as well as their weekly classes. Drama and music students perform at recitals throughout the year. The drama program also performs productions throughout the year for students who audition. During the summer, classes may be asked to perform at local shows, such as the Krasl Art Fair or the Dowagiac Fun Fest. However, for most students, the recital in June is their only performance, and the staff makes sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
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